Because for some business decisions, you can’t afford to be wrong.


We deliver reliable, clear, and useful insights to make shrewd business decisions.
Case studies
For the problems that keep our clients up at night, we provide business recommendations based on solid research. We are hired (and re-hired) to address pivotal questions, and our custom and proprietary studies produce outcomes that are game changing.
Core Team
  • Paul Abel
  • Cecile Bos
  • Kelsey Goings
  • Katie McComb

Paul Abel, Ph.D

Managing Partner
For over 20 years, Paul has worked on the agency for and on the client-side at Fortune 500 companies. He helps some of the biggest technology brands and healthcare organizations with some of their toughest business decisions. In addition to his experiences in research he is a trained public speaker and adjunct professor of marketing. His unique perspective is considered invaluable at helping organizations with complex business dilemma across a broad spectrum of needs. When not working at Blue, Paul divides his time between contributing to community events, leading humanitarian projects and being active in outdoor activities, from surfing to marathons. He also donates his time by serving on the board of several organizations. Paul holds a Ph.D. in Psychology/Neuroscience from the University of Washington and a Bachelor degree from UCLA.

Cecile Bos

After graduating from UCLA with a BA in International Economics, Cecile’s love for the outdoors led her to the Pacific Northwest where she earned her MBA from the University of Washington. Cecile went on to work with such high tech titans as Motorola, Fluke and finally Intel, where her responsibilities included the technology provider channel programs and trainings, as well as the Intel Inside® Program. Cecile was also Marketing Director for Intel’s Digital Health Group. As a partner at Blue Research, Cecile brings her business-acumen, marketing expertise and knowledge of both the high-tech and healthcare channels. Cecile loves to ski, practice yoga, travel the world and cook French dishes.

Kelsey Goings

A native Oregonian, Kelsey studied Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon and graduated at the top of her class. She spent the next few years in Southern California before returning to her roots in the Pacific Northwest. Before coming to Blue, Kelsey worked at large tech companies, including Verizon Wireless and Intel Corporation. Kelsey’s current responsibilities at Blue include overseeing large-scale projects and managing the Portland office. In her spare time, she enjoys overseas travel, cooking with friends and family, and outdoor recreation. Her most recent passions are running and hiking.

Katie McComb

Katie comes to Blue Research from the city that has the global headquarters of mega corporations such as Coca-Cola, The Home Depot and UPS. Although she was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, she has quickly embraced the Portland life-style. In her spare time she can be found hiking and exploring the Pacific Northwest, making new friends, listening to podcasts or being the tour-guide to her visiting family and friends. Fascinated by research and health, she started conducting psychology research on health and aging while doing her undergrad studies at Furman University. She then graduated with a Masters of Marketing Research from the University of Georgia, where she helped teach a variety of classes ranging from Marketing Research Methods to International Marketing and Brand Communication. She is not only a Research Analyst at Blue, but she also leads most of the qualitative studies (her favorite research methodology).
Heard Around Blue
Our clients are a mix of medium and large companies from the high tech and health care industries. Some have a regional presence while others are multi-national Fortune 100 corporations. Regardless of the size of a company or scope of a project, we deeply care about the success of all of our clients.

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