Doing good

By January 2, 2019February 5th, 2019Behind the Scenes at Blue

Through candid conversations, we found out that over the past 15 years, all Blue employees have personally volunteered for a variety of local non-profit organizations. Here are just three of our most cherished ones:

The Oregon Humane Society (OHS) rescues, heals and adopts more than 11,000 pets each year. There is no time limit on how long cats, dogs and other pets stay at their shelter. Kelsey, a French Bulldog’s mom, and a Market Research Manager at Blue Research regularly volunteers at OHS to socialize and walk dogs.
Make a Wish Foundation was founded in the United States to arrange experiences described as “wishes” for children (aged 2 to 17) diagnosed with critical illnesses. Paul, an avid surfer, and Managing Partner at Blue Research organizes a yearly Make a Wish Surf Day where about 30 of his friends come together to teach critically ill children how to surf.
Community Resource Center is a 40 year old organization serving residents in San Diego North County. They help women, children, individuals, and families live safe, self-sufficient lives by providing critical assistance with domestic violence services, food programs, and emergency and transitional housing assistance. Cecile, a Partner at Blue Research has been donating and organizing personal, clothing and food item collections for the CRC for many years. In 2018, thanks to the CRC 150 people escaped violence by finding safety and counseling in their domestic violence shelter, 1,680 households received healthy food through the Center’s pantry and 138 formerly homeless individuals found safe housing.

We hope 2019 will be a very happy and healthy year for you, with some opportunities for you too to “do good” in your community.