Portland Business Journal Quotes Blue’s Health Costs Estimation Tool Study

By August 17, 2015February 26th, 2017Healthcare

A study Blue Research conducted for HealthSparq (subsidiary of Cambia that provides tools to allow people to comparison shop for medical care, based on the individual’s particular coverage and benefits) was picked up by the Portland Business Journal. Some of the key findings were that close to 70% of consumers (who are Unaware would use access to online healthcare shopping tools) are unaware that they do. However 76% of those unaware of the availability of those tools report that they would use them (if they were aware of them) and 84% say they would use them if it estimated costs based on their specific insurance coverage; which is the main benefit of the tool. The findings of this study are now helping HealthSparq and the insurance providers, through which those tools are offered, more broadly communicate their existence to the health consumers who are wanting them.