Influence Marketing Research

This is a unique research engagement that is not only done to understand the market and guide internal decisions, but to also generate PR fodder. Clients use influence marketing to create broad awareness of market trends, influence partners, stakeholders, prospects or customers, and/or demonstrate a thought leadership position.

 Market Audit

It’s important to keep track of what the market you are in is doing. A regularly conducted audit will provide invaluable information on how well your business goals have been met, and just how successful the activities that you’ve launched have fared in the market.

 Customer Satisfaction

We will help you know not only what makes your customers loyal but what is most important to them. The right research can help predict which customers you are about to lose, and exactly where you should spend any time and/or money to improve their satisfaction.

Pricing Study

This can be the defining moment; when it’s time to see if the Big Idea will actually generate Big Business. Our pricing study can help determine what price points will drive what volume of demand.

Competitive Analysis

An essential element of corporate strategy is competitive analysis. It’s the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. It provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Concept Testing

Using state of the art research methods, we help answer critical questions: Should you move forward with your concept, revise it or start over? We can also provide detailed econometric models of demand, based on various attributes of your proposed product or service.

Ad Testing

Great ad campaigns start with top-notch research that taps into understanding the targeted customer. Once a campaign is launched, measuring its results is essential to assess if the intended business goals are being met. It is also likely the only way you will receive future campaign funding.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees are not only happy with their work, but also feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the company, and put discretionary effort into their work. Such study evaluates how engaged your employees are and how they influence the image and morale of your company.

Contextual Insights

What people say they do, and think they do, is often different from what they really do. That is why contextual, or ethnographic, research is an eye opener to what is actually happening within an office, hospital, home, or many other work or consumer-related settings.

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