Technology research to test product concepts and drive marketing, business and investment decisions.

We have worked with major players, as well as newcomers, in the technology sector for over a decade. We have a broad understanding of the industry and help our clients deal with many unique dilemmas, from assessing the appeal of a new mobile payment system, to determining how to best position an IoT solution. Our technology clients turn to us for guidance in making their most critical business decisions.

Unique Technology Perspective

  • Blue’s staff have been marketers, researchers, product managers and analysts at technology companies prior to joining Blue.
  • We are called upon to guide product development, test concept offerings and guide marketing, business and investment decisions.
  • We have influenced product innovation in IoT, cloud, mobile solutions, high performance computing, gaming and more.
  • We are ‘tech geeks’ at heart and can quickly understand and research complex products, competitive markets and revenue streams.

Trusted Advisors

  • We work with our clients to align project stakeholders in a non-political context.
  • We capture reliable insights quickly, efficiently and reliably.
  • We create reports that are consumable at the executive level and help drive action throughout the organization.
  • We are fortunate to work with a cross-section of technology companies from tech giants like Intel, Logitech, Microsoft, Qualcomm, WebMD, Xerox to newer market players like Ion Torrent, Urban Airship, Silicon Mechanics.


Amazon Fresh

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Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

Paragon Development Systems



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Velocity Micro




What Our Technology Clients Have to Say

Blue Research has always worked very well for me, always delivers results, always very reliable. They understand the problem early and are able to carry out the study with the information I provide. They are always on time and always very responsive.

Enrico Toro, Senior Partner and Channel Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Blue Research has always been able to dig in and think through the why and not just the what – those insights that take more thought than merely looking at the numbers.

Dustin Shatto, Marketing Program Manager, Silicon Mechanics

The research was valuable. Gave us a good slap in the face and made us re-examine our assumptions. That was brilliant.

Mike Reed, Investment Director, New Business Initiatives, Intel

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