1min on the Blue Soap Box

By December 2, 2015February 26th, 2017Healthcare, Technology, Behind the Scenes at Blue

We are thrilled so we wanted to share… Market research projects can (sometimes) be dry and tedious but we currently have a great set of very pragmatic studies that marry our research and consulting services to a T. Here are some of our current favorite projects:

In Technology:

  • Market assessment of IoT solutions adoption (present and future) in the retail sector across developed and developing countries.
  • Customer satisfaction and needs assessment for high-end IT solutions.
  • Creation of an event assessment tool to decide if the event is worth attending, sponsoring or engaging with.
  • Market audit of technology adoption (barriers and accelerators) in the classrooms of Latin America.

In Healthcare:

  • State-wide injured workers’ return to work process assessment.
  • Market audit to generate a strategic plan for a regional health services provider.
  • National conjoint study of health consumers to assess online health and wellness offerings and their pricing models.
  • Consumers concept testing of future wellness services offerings.